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Source Point Training is a global facilitator of leadership development and executive management training programs, workshops and strategic planning retreats. Our clients are organizations and people – like you – who are looking for professional development that provides sustainable results with a high ROI. Below is a sampling of some of the presentations and workshops that are most requested.

Small Group Retreats can be booked at the private property of Barbara Fagan – nestled in the peaceful Northern California wine country.

Staying in the Race: A Case Study for Success! – The Key Elements of Employee Engagement

We will explore key strategies for engagement and invite you to bring to this session real-world examples that challenge you. You will gain tools and effective coaching to:

• Manage the relationship vs. the person by building trust and commitment
• See how attitude impacts accountability to generate greater results and breakthroughs
• Coach competency and accountability that leads to employee engagement


Leading Accountably – Building Ownership in a Chaotic World

What does it means to be in ownership? Ownership in organizations is often talked about, but seldom gets set up in a way that everyone fully embraces individual accountability. The “Drift” of blaming and circumstances is so deep in most environments that people do not feel confident or strong enough to look at their performance and results objectively. In this session, you will:

• Discover a breakthrough model for looking at all results as a way to create more positive outcomes.
• Reframe what it means to take ownership and be accountable to increase innovation and out-of-the-box thinking


Presuppositions of Excellence – 5 Principles to Building Strong Relationships in the Workplace

How you think about things can predict your outcomes because our behaviors follow our beliefs. In this highly interactive session, you will learn and practice the presuppositions of excellence. People who use these principles each day realize more positive and resourceful collaboration on teams. You will learn why:

• Requisite Variety leads to infinite choices
• Understanding that your individual Map is not the Territory and how people respond to their “Map” of reality
• There is no Such Thing as Failure – Only Feedback which leads to learning and growth
• Appreciating that Behind Every Behavior is a Positive Intent can lead to better collaboration
• The Meaning of Your Communication is the Response That You Get – even if it was not intended

Each person will gain easy to use tips, tangible tools and techniques to bring each of these presuppositions to achieve excellence.


Values Based Living – How to Make Tough Choices in Difficult Times

Navigating through life and work today is more challenging than ever. In an unpredictable world, people want more predictability; a sense of direction to guide them. Knowing our personal values and how they support the values of the company or organization will create confidence in making solid choices during challenging or stressful times. In this presentation, participants will leave:

• With an inventory of their values
• A tracking tool to measure how their values apply each day
• How to communicate their values to gain alignment and respect with others
• Understanding that making choices aligned with values reduces stress and builds confidence


Living with Purpose and Vision – Charting Your Course

Having a clear purpose in life is like the rudder on a boat – it helps guide us through turbulent waters and keeps us focused with a sense of direction. We all know that change is everywhere and those of us who resist change will not be set up to succeed. Today, the most effective tool to guide your course is to become very clear on your/your organization’s purpose and vision. You will:

• Begin to create your own personal purpose to guide you
• Know the 3 critical questions to ask yourself before doing anything
• Know the 4 elements to creating your vision in life
• See that wherever there is purpose and passion, commitment will flourish


Communications Skills for the 21st Century

In today’s fast-paced, multi-generational and highly mobile global world, understanding the most effective way to communicate can be a challenge. Gaining a greater awareness of different styles of communication, dealing with conflict and ways to create agreement and partnership will have teams working more efficiently and effectively with each other and their customers. As a result of this presentation, you will:

• Understanding of what is required to create rapport with others
• Appreciate different social and dominate style behaviors
• Understand individual communication styles and preference
• Practice giving and receiving appreciative and constructive feedback
• Gain tools for resolving conflict

Barbara Fagan and Lou Dozier’s training design and delivery background is extensive. We welcome your request for a customized presentation on a topic of your interest that is not represented here.

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