Alumni Testimonials

Cami McLarenCami McLaren had been working as an attorney for 16 years when she decided to enroll in Source Point Training’s coaching certification program. “I had no intention of becoming a coach,” Read more



Diana Navratil portraitPrior to becoming a certified performance coach, Diana Cruz Navratil was the owner of a European boutique hotel. She now combines her hospitality business experience with her coach training to create strong … Read more



Paul Larsen2Paul Larsen was not new to the practice of coaching when he enrolled in Source Point Training’s performance coach certification program. In fact Paul’s been coaching leaders for more than 25 years. “I was already getting paid well as a coach. But I realized I needed … Read more



pete_barrios“I knew Source Point Training was where I wanted to become a coach. I had confidence in Barbara; I knew who she was – how she is, and how she moves people forward. I was looking for someone to mentor me in that style. I knew she was the right … Read more


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