Coaching Skills & Tools



Organizations worldwide are seeing the value of developing a coaching culture. Managing people to systems and processes provides sustainable and proven results. Coaching people to expand their way of thinking and approach to problems to create new ideas in an organization will provide the competitive advantage for the future.

Coaching is about looking at “what is” and asking the question “What is possible”?

Most managers have looked for ways to empower their employees and have quality results produced through commitment and dedication. When people see their value and the purpose for being a part of an organization, they begin to take initiative. Having the skills to coach people will assure self-confidence and commitment to grow.

Coaching Skills and Tools is a 10-week program that starts out with a 2-day introduction to proven coaching tools and skills. Each participant is then mentored over a ten week period by practicing to coach people in their circle of influence. Once people see how easy it can be to work with someone in this way, the sense of confidence grows on both sides. Coaching is not about “telling” and it is not about “teaching”, although the coach may provide guidance. Coaching is all about creating a greater sense of awareness and by reviewing results that allows people to see and learn from what they are producing. Coaching is about asking questions and listening carefully to what people see and learn from their experience. Coaching is being a committed partner with another person to create something new.

Source Point Training’s Professionals have been teaching and certifying coaches worldwide for over 15 years. This 10-week program will have people experience the joy of coaching and the excitement of creating new possibilities and higher levels of performance in today’s world.

What you’ll learn:

  • Exploring another person’s world view
  • Deep listening skills
  • Ways of “being” a performance coach for others – rigorous and caring
  • Language of coaching
  • Frameworks to prepare for a powerful coaching  session
  • Creating a coaching relationship built on trust and alignment
  • Coaching accountability and ownership for results
  • Managing progress

Learning to coach others requires learning about yourself and your perceptions of people and the world. Through this process of learning to coach, you will gain deep insights into how you see the world and the people around you.

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