Fundamentals of Performance Coaching

Fundamentals of Performance Coaching is an in-depth, five-month training that lays the core foundation to coach clients to effectively achieve unprecedented results in their lives.

As a coach, you will be equipped with the tools and skills that enhance the quality of your client’s lives and assist them in creating revolutionary change in their lives.  Fundamentals of Performance Coaching is ICF approved for 84.5 CCE units.

In Fundamentals, you will learn to coach your clients to develop the 3-P’s: the essential elements to prepare and commit to change in their lives.

Purpose – Establish the ‘why’ of what they are doing
Products – Identify well defined outcomes and desired strategies to support success
Process – Lay the track of committed actions required to achieve what they want in their life

In Fundamentals, you will learn to coach common barriers to performance. Coaches recognize that each client has unique barriers. Coaches work in partnership with their clients to explore new ways to overcome them. You will have the skills to intervene with clients so they become aware, have the ability to ‘course correct’ and move toward their goals.

Fundamentals of Performance Coaching

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In Fundamentals, you will learn to actively listen and effectively communicate at a much deeper level. You will add powerful communication skills to your coach’s ‘tool kit’.

In Fundamentals, you will learn to coach clients to be in ownership and accountable for all of their results. You will coach them to be empowered to learn lessons to move forward and make choices based on their learning.

In Fundamentals, you will learn the skills to successfully establish trust and rapport with your clients. You will come to understand the importance of creating authentic client relationships required to effectively coach any client.

As a Professional Performance Coach, you will challenge traditionally held beliefs and empower your clients to recognize new opportunities and make innovation possible. You will have a “tool kit” with powerful communication skills, knowledge of interpersonal styles and critical elements of preparation to assist your clients in achieving their goals.

As a Professional Performance Coach, you will impact:

You will co-create a partnership of support with your client – asking powerful questions – and empower them to take action to create results now.
Business Executives
You will develop powerful strategies for effectively increasing employee development, sense of personal ownership, morale and retention within organizations.
Within Organizations
You will assist any organization in creating a foundation that fosters working relationships, risk taking, effective communication based on clear purpose, vision and values.

Each three-day weekend training is designed to build on increasing your ability to be a coach for others. These high impact weekends are delivered by a Master Coach and Senior Facilitator with lectures of Performance Coaching fundamentals and practice sessions. Video work is done to allow you to see and hear modeling of effective coaching. You will experience how performance “results-based” coaching evokes action, energy and commitment.

You will receive “real time/hands on” feedback to improve your coaching skills. You will receive a complete workbook — with templates — to use as you practice and coach clients. You will continue to work with “buddy partners” between weekends to practice and share the learning of the skills of a Performance Coach.

Meet our Faculty Coaches

You will receive expert feedback and mentorship from our faculty of highly trained Certified Performance Coaches during the training weekends and beyond — via one-on-one coaching calls, teaching calls and webinars.

All graduates of Fundamentals of Performance Coaching will receive the Designation Professional Performance Coach (PPC), upon completion of the training and the required assignments. Coaches who attend Fundamentals and Mastery will have completed an ICF approved curriculum and be able to apply to become ICF credentialed.


WHEN: Nov 14 – 16, 2014 / Feb 6 – 8, 2015 / April 17 – 19, 2015
WHERE: Phoenix, AZ
HOTEL: Embassy Suites – Tempe, AZ
4400 South Rural Road, Tempe, Arizona 85282 (480) 897-7444
TUITION: $3750 total which includes all mentoring fees. $500 deposit due upon registration.

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Professional Distinction upon Completion: Professional Performance Coach

Prerequisites to Fundamentals: None