Barbara Fagan, Co-Founder & President

Barbara Fagan, Co-Founder & President, Source Point Training

Barbara Fagan takes a strong stand for positive change. Her level of commitment to the success of the individual is unwavering. When Barbara leads others in experiencing their potential, she brings her rock-solid experience and skills, grounded in a high-level of integrity, tradition and ritual. She also draws on her intuition with quick and witty “zaps-of-truth” that move mountains of resistance in seconds. Barbara wants positive change in the world now, and that’s one of the many reasons she co-founded Source Point Training.

“I am very relentless, similar to my business partner Lou Dozier, but in my own way. When I know I can help individuals and organizations move faster and accomplish more, especially in these tough times, I get extremely focused on what’s possible,” says Barbara. “And when I can see opportunities to facilitate positive change, watch out!”

Barbara has worked as a coach and consultant in the domestic and international business community for over 30 years. After 20 years as a senior manager in corporations, she started a full-time coaching business to primarily work with newly emerging technology companies. In 1998, she joined Resource Realizations, a recognized training organization. In 2001, she assumed the role of Director of The Resource Academy which provided instruction and certification in coaching skills. Barbara oversaw the development and delivery of all coach-specific curriculums, which taught the International Coach Federation core competencies. She assumed the role of President of Resource Realizations in 2003 to expand their programs to include upper-level coach-training for specialty niches, a facilitator certification program, a NLP practitioner certification program and a leadership program. She co-founded Source Point Training in late 2009, with Lou Dozier.

Barbara has helped pioneer the coaching profession and is a strong advocate for the value of professional coaches. She is a Master Coach with over 7,000 hours spent in individual coaching sessions. She has coached business professionals involved in early-stage development as well as those managing major change initiatives. She assists clients in designing strategies to achieve their business imperatives, while communicating them in a manner that assures clarity and alignment. Through her ability to coach strategically, she has helped many companies grow from start-ups to publicly-held and internationally-recognized organizations.

Barbara is a member of the International Coach Federation, International Association of Coaches and American Society for Training and Development. She is a past board member of California Association of Student Councils and Captura Corporation, Excel Recruiting and Big Brothers – Big Sisters mentoring program. She has been awarded the Marketing Models of Excellence for her outstanding achievement in product development.

In addition, Barbara is a keynote speaker for many professional business organizations. She shares her insights on the value of coaching in today’s business climate. One of her keynotes is entitled: What’s New in Your Toolbox – Coaching?

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